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Land Scaping & Access Control

Dreary winter weather is reason enough to adorn a yard with holiday decor: it offers cheer just when we need it most. Many adults prefer traditional ornaments as being more tasteful, but kids love the now omnipresent inflatables.We are Developing and Maintaining the Garden, lawns by the experienced gardeners under the control of our Horticulturist who have the sound knowledge in the field of Horticulture.

Watering, weeding, mowing regularlyTop dressing, pruning of the plants.Periodical spraying of pesticides and fungicides and fertilizersRenovation of old lawns. Planting of seasonal varaitiesNursery Maintenance in the campus like - Potting, repotting, propagation activities, compost preparationGeneral maintenance work like - Flower vase and pot arrangements, shifting of manure mixtures